FAQ – Use N Eat Edible Cutlery
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Questions About Our Edible Cutleries

Use'N'Eat Edible cutlery is made from 100% naturally produced multi-grain flour, including wheat, oat, corn, barley, spices, and all-natural flavours.
It does not, but it will if you leave it in such liquids for more than 10 minutes.
Our edible spoon is strong enough to be used to cut into cooked meat (without bones). Please remember that it is an edible spoon and not a plastic, wooden or steel knife. As it is baked, it may break with excessive force.
The minimum order quantity for retail orders is twin-pack which contains 30 flavoured edible spoons.
Please contact us at info@useneat.com.au for special offers on bulk orders and catering services.
The shelf life is nine (9) months while it stays in its original sealed packaging. It can stay good for up to 12 months; however, some change in taste may occur.
It can lose crispiness if the packet is opened and spoons left in the open. It can still be edible with some change in taste. Since our edible cutlery is made with flours, it can be contaminated by frequent touching and moisture in the open atmosphere.
It can be used several times for dry food items like – salt, spices, powders, tea, coffee, sugar etc. Our edible spoon is like a biscuit, it will absorb moisture and may turn soggy if left in the open air. As you would do with other food items, use the same spoon in the same food item to avoid cross-contamination.
Currently, our edible cutlery is available in three flavours – Chocolate, Peri Peri and Natural Herbs. We are offering combo pack (special launch offer) and we will be introducing new flavours and cutlery types soon. Stay tuned for future updates.
Unlikely. Use N Eat edible cutlery is made with flavours that will complement the experience of eating edible cutlery with/after your meal, dessert or soup and not expected to overpower the test of your food item.
We would love to hear from you on your experience.
Edible cutlery is made from 100% naturally produced multi-grain flour and contains no added preservatives or artificial flavours. Please check ingredients and nutrition facts before using.
No, our edible cutlery is made from naturally sourced grain, spices and flavours and nothing is used for coating.
Yes. No animal product is used in making edible cutlery.
Not yet, but we are conscious of the demand for Gluten-free edible cutlery. Our research team is working on developing a Gluten-free option. Stay tuned for updates.
As edible cutlery is made from naturally sourced materials, it is unlikely to cause any side effects if you eat them regularly. In saying that, the micro nutritional and fibre intake may improve with some of our flavoured edible cutlery options.
We have designed our edible cutlery to be eaten with your meal, minimising the waste and the need to worry about waste recycling. If not eaten, our edible cutlery can be put into Green Organic Recycling for composting, where it will naturally biodegrade within 1 to 2 weeks. As it is made from naturally sourced ingredients, it is perfectly safe for backyard composting as well. If put in landfill/ General waste, it should still decompose, but it may take slightly longer.
Currently, edible cutlery is available through online order only with delivery (at cost). We are working on making it available soon in supermarkets and other grocery outlets. Stay tuned for updates.
Our plastic usage is minimal and we will be offsetting 100% packaging plastic, water, energy and carbon through our partners. We are working on new packaging and box designs which will be launched soon. Stay tuned for updates.

Shipping, Refunds, and Return Policies

Orders are dispatched typically within 2-3 days and the delivery typically takes 7-14 days for standard delivery. Possibly longer for regional areas.
Currently we only ship within Australia. But will be expanding our deliver network in the future. Stay stuned.
While all of our edible cutleries are packed to make sure they arrive safely without damage we understand that things like this can happen during transport. We will offer credit for broken spoons in your next purchase as long as you contact us within one week from delivery of your order.
Once the item is marked as shipped, unfortunately, we can't make any changes to your delivery address. Please contact our shipping partner to check if you can redirect your order to the correct/different address. Please contact our support team for further assistance.
Orders can be cancelled as long as you contact us within 24 hours after placing the order. Once the parcel is marked as shipped the cancellation request will no longer be accepted.

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