Our Mission – Use N Eat Edible Cutlery
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Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a sustainable, eatable single-use cutlery alternative that will eliminate single-use plastic cutlery use and its adverse impacts.

Plastic cutlery is considered one of the most common pollutants and waste found nearly everywhere – in landfill, forests/natural habitats, water bodies, or oceans. Estimates show that of the 3.4 million tonnes (per year) plastic waste generated in Australia, less than 10% is recycled, and about 130,000 tonnes of plastic waste enter the environment.

The Use N Eat Edible Cutlery is a revolutionary, sustainable alternative to other single-use cutleries, be it wooden, bio-plastic or paper-based. The Use N Eat edible cutlery is made from naturally sourced ingredients such as wheat & mixed grain flour, spices and flavours and is 100% biodegradable and can contribute to the circular economy.

Environmental Effects Of Single Use Plastic Cutleries

If you are like millions of people worldwide, you are most likely a regular user of single use plastic cutlery. While these small plastic utensils offer the convenience of not having to wash utensils after eating/drinking, they are also extremely detrimental to the environment.

Did you know that Australians use over 700 million straws every year? That's more than 115 straws used per second. What about spoons and knives – your estimate is as good as ours. Some estimates show over 7 million plastic utensils (cutlery, take away containers, cups etc.) are used in Australia every day. That’s more than a 2.5billion plastic utensils every year.

Plastic cutlery is the most common form of plastic pollution that impacts our oceans. They are the most common because they are typically discarded after each meal. These single use plastic items can take up to 200 years to decompose and up to 500 years if they are in the ocean; this means a plastic spoon that you are using this year unlikely to breakdown till the year 2221.

A significant majority of single use plastic cutlery isn’t biodegradable, meaning that it won’t break down in the environment. It will turn into microplastics, small pieces of plastic that pollute our environment (mainly landfill and oceans) and poses a significant risk of entering the food chain.