Natural Herbs Edible Spoon Twin Pack ( 30 Pcs ) – Use N Eat Edible Cutlery
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Natural Herbs Edible Spoon Twin Pack ( 30 Pcs )

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Our Natural Herbs Edible Spoon is made from sustainably grown natural herbs and can be used to replace your disposable spoon at home or in the office. Switch to Use N Eat's Edible Spoon and save hundreds of disposable plastic spoons going into landfill or oceans. Ingredients & Allergy Advice
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Natural Herbs Edible Spoon Twin Pack ( 30 Pcs )

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Our Natural Herbs Edible Spoon is made from sustainably grown natural herbs and can be used to replace your disposable spoon at home or in the office. Switch to Use N Eat's Edible Spoon and save hundreds of disposable plastic spoons going into landfill or oceans.

Ingredients & Allergy Advice

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What is edible cutlery made from?

Use'N'Eat Edible cutlery is made from 100% naturally produced multi-grain flour, including wheat, oat, corn, barley, spices, and all-natural flavours.

Does the cutlery turn soggy when used in foods that are extremely cold or extremely hot?

It does not, but it will if you leave it in such liquids for more than 10 minutes. 

What is the shelf life of your edible cutlery

The shelf life is nine (9) months while it stays in its original sealed packaging. It can stay good for up to 12 months; however, some change in taste may occur.

Once the package is opened, how long does the cutlery stay without softening?

It can lose crispiness if the packet is opened and spoons left in the open. It can still be edible with some change in taste. Since our edible cutlery is made with flours, it can be contaminated by frequent touching and moisture in the open atmosphere.

Can the edible spoon be used more than once for dry foods?

It can be used several times for dry food items like – salt, spices, powders, tea, coffee, sugar etc. Our edible spoon is like a biscuit, it will absorb moisture and may turn soggy if left in the open air. As you would do with other food items, use the same spoon in the same food item to avoid cross-contamination.

Is there any allergy advice for edible cutlery?

Edible cutlery is made from 100% naturally produced multi-grain flour and contains no added preservatives or artificial flavours. Please check ingredients and nutrition facts before using.

Is edible cutlery vegan?

Yes. No animal product is used in making edible cutlery.


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Our Mission

Why Use Edible Cutlery

The amount of solid plastic waste produced since the 1950s that have not been burned or recycled is around 4.9 billion tonnes. This could all have been dumped into a 70-meter-deep landfill the size of Manhattan or around 60 km².

While much of it has indeed ended up in landfill worldwide, far too much of it has found its way into the natural environment, with around 10 million tons a year ending up in the ocean. By 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean by weight than the fish.

Estimates show that over half of all plastic is used just once before being discarded, making its way to landfill, where it takes hundreds of years to decompose. Apart from the perception that plastic waste is ugly and unnatural, it has also been known to harm soil quality, water streams and marine life. Studies have shown that plastic can fragment into microplastics, which can be consumed by sea life before making its way into humans who subsequently consume seafood.

People always poorly question themselves what difference a single plastic spoon or fork that I use to eat my ice cream at an ice cream shop can make to the environment? Take away plastic-based food containers are often used once and then discarded. These may not get recycled if they are heavily soiled/greased, ending up in a landfill. This once used plastic cutlery or container is enough to leave behind hundreds of years of the plastic footprint.

We believe that our unique edible cutlery has the power to deal with this global issue of single-use cutlery.

Helping Save The Environment – One Spoon At A Time

You are the only one to feel that single-use plastic has become integral to everyday life. However, there are a few steps you can take to reduce your plastic footprint effectively.

While the world is getting onboard with 3Rs of waste management – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, we bring to you Use’N’Eat – uniquely flavoured edible cutlery designed for human consumption.

Why Edible Cutleries

You may have tried carrying wooden or steel cutlery, sometimes hating/forgetting it when you dine out or get takeaway food. Now you don’t need to worry about this hassle anymore. Our edible spoons & forks have made their way to the market.

As we all become ever conscious of the impact that our everyday choices can make, Use’N’Eat edible cutlery would be a perfect replacement for plastic, bio-plastic and wooden cutlery.

It is made from naturally sourced ingredients, making it a natural choice for vegan or vegetarian. Other diners would enjoy a variety of flavours complimenting their food or just helping save the environment – using one (edible) spoon at a time.